Home Water Filtration Systems

Even though your water source is deemed safe by the EPA, in most cases water must travel a long way to reach your home. Along the way it can pick up bad tastes and odors which are caused by chlorine, low pH, sediment, iron, sulfur and manganese. In addition, the minerals and chemical compounds found in unfiltered water can be hard on your home’s plumbing system and major appliances such as dish washers and washing machines. Let RainSoft send a water treatment professional to your home to conduct a complimentary water assessment. If necessary, we can show you which of our home water filtration systems would work best for you and your family.

Benefits of Home Water Treatment

Home water treatment from RainSoft benefits your household by turning ordinary water into extraordinary water.

In the Kitchen: Starting at the kitchen sink, the most important benefit of home water treatment systems is clean, delicious and pure drinking water. Food and juices you prepare and the produce you wash will taste noticeably better with RainSoft’s ingredient quality water. With the absence of lime and mineral deposits, your freezer’s ice maker will thank you as it will last longer and make clearer, more appealing ice.

In the Bathroom: RainSoft’s home water filtration systems make bathing and showering a wonderfully refreshing experience. You’ll notice that soaps and shampoos lather better and more thoroughly wash away. Damp and slimy skin and hair is thing of the past – instead, RainSoft water will leave you feeling clean, soft and residue free, with skin as soft as a newborn baby’s. In addition, a RainSoft water softener gives you the opportunity to do less bathroom cleaning and maintenance as water stains, soap scum and scale buildup will be eliminated.

Laundry and Cleaning: Home water filtration systems will benefit your laundry room too. Mineral deposits in your plumbing will be reduced and will allow your appliances to run cleaner and last longer. Laundry day is less of a hassle and cheaper as clothes will require less detergent and come out of the wash looking cleaner and feeling better on your skin. You’ll find house cleaning chores requiring water to be much easier due to the improved sudsing properties of water treated from our water softener systems.

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